Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ray Gun Design - Doing it Derringer Style:

Top: The NeoDerringer Pulse Pistol 1.0 
Bottom: The Colt No.2 Derringer 1854

Back in 1825, a Philadelphia gunsmith by the name of Henry Deringer crafted and produced a popular single-action, pocket-sized handgun called the Philadelphia Deringer. This blackpowder, muzzle-loading pistol was the concealed weapon of choice for many professional gamblers and also, for a certain deranged murderer, named John Wilkes Boothe, who used one to assassinate President Lincoln.

Over the years, this tiny pistol was imitated by many gun makers worldwide, always evolving and improving with continuing developments and new technologies. The name Deringer stuck, but a frequent misspelled version, using the double letter “R” eventually became the standard term for all pocket pistols.

Hundreds of derringer designs have followed to this day, released by manufacturers from Remington to Cobra Arms. Functional, powerful, beautiful and exotic derringers have all found their way into history.

Now, the derringer moves into the future, with Ray Gun Technology:

I designed and built these ray gun props to embody the derringer design as pocket pistols, not as powerful as their larger counterparts, but retaining enough potential to pack a surprisingly considerable punch for their size. These tiny, mini ray pistols have become a huge favorite for me…

 NeoDerringer Stinger Pistol 2.0

  QMOne50 Sureshot 
 Compact Focused Plasma Stream Release Generator -  
Three discharge settings for light stun, heavy stun and full disruption.

Spinner Trim660 -  EM Pulse Booster Pistol

I designed and put together these NeoDerringer ray gun props out of various found plastic parts, o-rings and poly-resin clay. Small hex bolts are sealed inside for weight, and the surfaces are painted and then finished with metallic buffing compounds.

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