Friday, February 3, 2012

Everything looks better with a model . . . . Including Ray Guns!

I put together this Q31 Wide beam WaveSplitter using a highly modified, reshaped toy dart pistol in addition to various found plastic pieces - Filled it full of Sculpy poly clay and little metal hex nuts for weight, then finished it with silver buffing compound and painted in some details.
Then, in Photoshop, I digitally put an image of it into this stock art model's hand, added the futuristic background, and zzzaapp!
It's a tradition, I guess... Well, I AM inclined to go with a leggy female, rather than a guy... I'm weak that way.


  1. Nice edit job. Did you design that capsule to the left of the model, or was that a photo you found?

    1. Thank you!
      Well, no... But if I had taken the time to design the transport device, it would have had more of a saucer shape to it! It's actually an EN-V urban mobility concept vehicle, lifted from General-Motors!

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